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Title: Database Systems: An Application-Oriented Approach, Introductory Version / Edition 2, Author: Michael Kifer
Title: Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach, Compete Version / Edition 2, Author: Michael Kifer
Title: Murach's Cics for the Cobol Programmer : Training and Reference / Edition 1, Author: Raul Menendez
Title: Accounting Information Systems : Transactions Processing and Controls, Author: James Boockholdt
Title: An CICS for the COBOL Programmer: An Advanced Course, Author: Doug Lowe
Title: Distributed CICS: An In-Depth Assessment for Downsizing Applications, Author: Richard Schreiber
Title: Building Accounting Systems Using Access for Windows 95, 2/e / Edition 2, Author: James T. Perry
Title: CICS Using COBOL: A Structured Approach, Author: Andrew M. Suhy
Title: Advanced CICS Design Techniques, Concepts and Guidelines, Author: Joseph E. Summerville
Title: Smart Card Application Development Using Java, Author: Uwe Hansmann
Title: Time-Constrained Transaction Management: Real-Time Constraints in Database Transaction Systems, Author: Nandit R. Soparkar
Title: The CICS Programmer's Desk Reference, Author: Doug Lowe
Title: Learn Microsoft Transaction Server Development, Author: Nathan Wallace
Title: The TUXEDO System: Software for Constructing and Managing Distributed Business Applications / Edition 1, Author: Juan M. Andrade
Title: Visual Age Version 2.0 and Transaction Processing in a Client/Server Environment, Author: Andi Bitter
Title: Executive Briefing: Advances in Concurrency Control and Transaction Processing, Author: Krithi Ramamritham
Title: Performance Analysis of Data-Sharing Environments, Author: Asit Dan
Title: CICS: A Guide to Internal Structure, Author: Eugene S. Hudders
Title: Professional VB.Net Transactions / Edition 1, Author: BORTNIKER
Title: Tuxedo(r) System Release 4.1 Transaction Manager Programmer's Guide, Author: UNIX System Laboratories

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