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Title: The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, Author: Brian Merchant
Title: Apple Design, Author: Sabine Schulze
Title: C Programming Techniques for the Macintosh, Author: Medneiks
Title: Understanding Microsoft Word 4.0 for the MacIntosh, Author: Richard K. Swadley
Title: Intro Programming W/Macintosh Pascal, Author: PRITCHARD
Title: MAC Multiplan, Author: Linda K. Woods
Title: Apple Logo for Kids, Author: David A. Yule
Title: MATLAB Tools for Control System Analysis and Design / Edition 2, Author: Benjamin Kuo
Title: Pascal Programming Games and Graphs, Author: Tom Swan
Title: Whole MAC, Author: Daniel Giordan
Title: Que's Little Mac Book, Author: Doug White
Title: Enhancing Your Apple Two, Author: Donald Lancaster
Title: Apple Numerics Manual, Author: Apple Computer Inc.
Title: Emigre, the Book: Graphic Design into the Digital Realm, Author: Rudy VanderLans
Title: Structured Basic: Apple Version, Author: James F. Clark
Title: Routing in Today's Internetworks: The Routing Protocols of IP, DECnet, NetWare, and AppleTalk / Edition 1, Author: Mark Dickie
Title: Dr. Aron's Guide to Apple IIC, Author: Art Aron
Title: Apple BASIC, Author: Richard E. Haskell
Title: Using dBASE MAC, Author: Paul Springer
Title: An Introduction to Computing Using Claris Works: Versions 2 and 3 for Macintosh, Author: Bruce Presley

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