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Title: FDA Food Code 2017, Author: United States Government FDA
Title: Cod Fisheries, Author: Harold Innis
Title: Catching Hell: The Insider Story of Seafood from Ocean to Plate, Author: Allen Ricca
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Title: The Last Fish Tale: The Fate of the Atlantic and Survival in Gloucester, America's Oldest Fishing Port and Most Original Town, Author: Mark Kurlansky
Title: Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad, Author: Josh Harris
Title: Out on the Deep Blue: True Stories of Daring, Persistence, and Survival from the Nation's Most Dangerous Profession, Author: Leslie Leyland Fields
Title: North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters, Author: Sig Hansen
Title: The Sushi Economy: Globalization and the Making of a Modern Delicacy, Author: Sasha Issenberg
Title: The Oyster War: The True Story of a Small Farm, Big Politics, and the Future of Wilderness in America, Author: Summer Brennan
Title: Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World's Deadliest Jobs, Author: Andy Hillstrand
Title: The Bay Shrimpers of Texas: Rural Fishermen in a Global Economy / Edition 1, Author: Robert Lee Maril
Title: Caye Caulker: Economic Success In A Belizean Fishing Village, Author: Anne Sutherland
Title: Women of the Praia: Work and Lives in a Portuguese Coastal Community, Author: Sally Cooper Cole
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Title: Changing the Face of the Waters: The Promise and Challenge of Sustainable Aquaculture, Author: World Bank
Title: Aquaculture: Models And Economics, Author: Upton Hatch
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Title: Aquacultural Development: Social Dimensions Of An Emerging Industry, Author: Conner Bailey
Title: Comida HISPANA Prevenir COVID19 with HISPANIC FOOD, Author: Nery Dr. Roman
Title: Scallop Recipes: Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Baked Scallops, Seared Scallops and Many More Delicious Scallop Recipes, Author: Laura Sommers
Title: The Provident Sea, Author: D. H. Cushing
Title: Capitalism From Within: Economy, Society, and the State in a Japanese Fishery, Author: David L. Howell

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