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Title: Bee-bim Bop!, Author: Linda Sue Park
Title: The Science Chef Travels Around the World: Fun Food Experiments and Recipes for Kids, Author: Joan D'Amico
Title: The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids, Author: Matthew Locricchio
Title: Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen: 70 Fun Recipes for You and Your Kids, from the Author of Jewish Cooking in America, Author: Joan Nathan
Title: Sammy Spider's First Taste of Hanukkah: A Cookbook, Author: Sylvia A. Rouss
Title: Andrew Zimmern's Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods: An Intrepid Eater's Digest, Author: Andrew Zimmern
Title: Kids Around the World Cook!: The Best Foods and Recipes from Many Lands, Author: Arlette N. Braman
Title: A Good Soup Attracts Chairs, Author: Fran Osseo-Asare
Title: Mexican Food (Cooking School Series), Author: Sara Gilbert
Title: A French Cookbook for Kids, Author: Rosemary Hankin
Title: Morning Meals Around the World, Author: Maryellen Gregoire
Title: French Food (Cooking School Series), Author: Sara Gilbert
Title: Matzah Meals: A Passover Cookbook for Kids, Author: Barbara Steinberg
Title: Easy Lunches From Around the World, Author: Sheila Griffin Llanas
Title: China, Author: Julie McCulloch
Title: Vegetarian Cooking Around the World, Author: Alison Behnke
Title: Middle-Eastern Food (Cooking School Series), Author: Sara Gilbert
Title: El Sancocho del Sabado: Saturday Sancocho, Author: Torres
Title: The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook: Food and Fun Around the World, Author: Deanna F. Cook
Title: Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World, Author: Sue Townsend

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