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Title: What to Cook & How to Cook It, Author: Jane Hornby
Title: Student's Go Vegan Cookbook: Over 135 Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Tasty Vegan Recipes, Author: Carole Raymond
Title: The Student Cookbook: Great grub for the hungry and the broke, Author: Ryland
Title: The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students, Author: Mark H. Zanger
Title: FamilyFun Cooking with Kids, Author: Deanna F. Cook
Title: Confident Cooking, Author: Rebecca Vickers
Title: Stir-Fries and Sautes: Great Taste--Low Fat, Author: Sandra Rose Cluck
Title: Weekdays Are Quick Meals: From Speedy Stir-Fries to Soups to Skillet Dishes and More, Author: Time-Life Books
Title: Cooking Essentials for the Young and Novice Cook: Tried and Tested Recipes from the Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Classes, Author: Neena N. Langevin