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Title: Modernist Cuisine, Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Title: Mom-In-Chef, Nanay Nene Teodora, of Philippines' Cuisine Cookbook Recipes, Author: BSEDMSED Juanita de Guzman Gutierrez
Title: My Lebanese Cookbook, 2Nd Generation, Author: Gretchen Homan
Title: Metodo Ricuras: Formulas de Panaderia y Pasteleria, Author: Miguel Antonio Lopez Lopez
Title: My Lebanese Cookbook, 2Nd Generation, Author: Gretchen Homan
Title: Danny T's Easy and Memorable Meals, Author: Daniel T. Kamide
Title: The Complete Comfort Foods Cookbook - an Heirloom of Recipes and Photos, Author: Robert T. Laing
Title: Made-Over Dishes, Author: S.T. Rorer
Title: The All-in-One Complete Meals Cookbook, Author: Max Higgins
Title: No Leftovers- an International Dinner Affair, Author: Aeta Moin
Title: Favorite Recipes of My Mother and Grandmothers, Author: Renate Becker
Title: You don't need ears to cook!, Author: CKB101000
Title: Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen: Recipes for Weeknight Dinners and Easy, Casual Gatherings: A Cookbook, Author: Martha Stewart Living
Title: Eat with Your Hands, Author: Zak Pelaccio
Title: Healthy Never Tasted So Good: You Are What You Eat and Absorb, Author: Chérie M. Torrence
Title: The Maestro'S Favourites: A Symphony of Taste, Author: Marlin Wolfe
Title: The Missing Ingredient: The Curious Role of Time in Food and Flavor, Author: Jenny Linford
Title: On Beer and Food: The Gourmet's Guide to Recipes and Pairings, Author: Thomas Horne
Title: Soul Food: A Cook Book, Author: Nichole Collins Payney
Title: Recipes from a Teacher's Oven, Author: Patty Arango

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