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Title: American Seafood: Heritage, Culture & Cookery From Sea to Shining Sea, Author: Barton Seaver
Title: The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell, Author: Mark Kurlansky
Title: The Essential Oyster: A Salty Appreciation of Taste and Temptation, Author: Rowan Jacobsen
Title: Hooks, Lies & Alibis, Author: John D. Folse
Title: Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons for the Home Cook, Author: Martha Stewart Living Magazine Editors
Title: The Pescetarian Plan: The Vegetarian + Seafood Way to Lose Weight and Love Your Food, Author: Janis Jibrin
Title: Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast, Author: Hank Shaw
Title: Le Bernardin Cookbook: Four-Star Simplicity, Author: Eric Ripert
Title: Eat Like a Wild Man: 110 Years of Great Game & Fish Recipes (Sports Afield), Author: Rebecca Gray
Title: Sushi: The Beginner's Guide, Author: Aya Imatani
Title: Nobu: The Cookbook, Author: Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
Title: Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, Author: Jesse Griffiths
Title: A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide to Oyster Eating in North America, Author: Rowan Jacobsen
Title: Fish Market: A Cookbook for Selecting and Preparing Seafood, Author: Kathy Hunt
Title: Two If By Sea: Delicious Sustainable Seafood, Author: Barton Seaver
Title: Fish: The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking, Author: Mark Bittman
Title: A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game, Author: Wilbur F. Eastman
Title: Ultimate Collection of Seafood Recipes, Author: Lou Diamond
Title: Williams-Sonoma Collection: Fish, Author: Shirley King
Title: Ivar's Seafood Cookbook: The O-fish-al Guide to Cooking the Northwest Catch, Author: The Crew at Ivar's

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