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Title: The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance, Author: Ron Chernow
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Title: For Profit: A History of Corporations, Author: William Magnuson
Title: Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street, Author: John Brooks
Paperback $16.99 $18.99 Current price is $16.99, Original price is $18.99.
Title: Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric, Author: Thomas Gryta
Title: The Founder's Mentality: How to Overcome the Predictable Crises of Growth, Author: Chris Zook
Hardcover $27.99 $32.00 Current price is $27.99, Original price is $32.00.
Title: Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry, Author: David Robertson
Title: Teaming to Innovate, Author: Amy C. Edmondson
Title: We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights, Author: Adam Winkler
Title: How Boards Work: And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World, Author: Dambisa Moyo
Title: The Terrorism Trap: September 11 and Beyond, Author: Michael Parenti
Title: Billion Dollar Loser: The Epic Rise and Spectacular Fall of Adam Neumann and WeWork, Author: Reeves Wiedeman
Paperback $15.49 $17.99 Current price is $15.49, Original price is $17.99.
Title: Winner Takes All: How Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Won-and Lost-the High Stakes Gamble to Own Las Vegas, Author: Christina Binkley
Title: Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed, Author: Michael D. Eisner
Title: Be Board Ready: The Secrets to Landing a Board Seat and Being a Great Director, Author: Betsy Atkins
Title: Leading for Growth: How Umpqua Bank Got Cool and Created a Culture of Greatness, Author: Raymond P. Davis
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Title: Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, Author: Ralph Nader
Title: The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, Author: Joel Bakan
Title: Platform Capitalism, Author: Nick Srnicek
Title: Managing The Professional Service Firm, Author: David H. Maister
Title: Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, Author: McKinsey & Company Inc.

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