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Title: Out Where the West Begins: Profiles, Visions, and Strategies of Early Western Business Leaders, Author: Philip F. Anschutz
Title: Profit from the Core: A Return to Growth in Turbulent Times, Author: Chris Zook
Title: How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Import Export Business: With Companion CD-ROM, Author: Maritza Manresa
Title: How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In, Author: Jim Collins
Title: Business Ethics and Ethical Business / Edition 1, Author: Robert Audi
Title: Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity, Author: Rita Gunther McGrath
Title: Performance without Compromise: How Emerson Consistently Achieves Winning Results, Author: Charles F. Knight
Title: Beyond the Core: Expand Your Market Without Abandoning Your Roots, Author: Chris Zook
Title: Taking the Risk Out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty / Edition 1, Author: Alex Carey
Title: The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business, Author: Alfred D. Chandler Jr.
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause / Edition 1, Author: Philip Kotler
Title: Granularity of Growth: How to Identify the Sources of Growth and Drive Enduring Company Performance, Author: Patrick Viguerie
Title: Ethics and Business: An Introduction, Author: Kevin Gibson
Title: Aligning the Stars: Organizing Professionals to Win, Author: Jay W. Lorsch
Title: Smart Giving Is Good Business: How Corporate Philanthropy Can Benefit Your Company and Society, Author: Curt Weeden
Title: Who Financed Hitler, Author: James Pool
Title: Immigrant and Minority Entrepreneurship: The Continuous Rebirth of American Communities, Author: John S. Butler
Title: Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the American Industrial Enterprise / Edition 1, Author: Alfred D. Chandler
Title: You and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Practical Tips from the Field's Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs, Author: Terrie Temkin
Title: Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose, Author: Rick Alexander

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