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Title: The Business of the Supreme Court: A Study in the Federal Judicial System / Edition 1, Author: James M. Landis
Title: First Among Equals: The Supreme Court in American Life, Author: Kenneth W. Starr
Title: Juvenile Court: A Judge's Guide for Young Adults and Their Parents, Author: Leora Krygier
Title: The Lawcourts at Athens: Sites, Buildings, Equipment, Procedure, and Testimonia, Author: Alan L. Boegehold
Title: Judging Delinquents: Context and Process in Juvenile Court / Edition 1, Author: Robert M. Emerson
Title: Media And American Courts, Author: S. L. Alexander
Title: The Judicial Branch of State Government: People, Process, and Politics, Author: Sean O Hogan
Title: The Judicial System (Let's Investigate Series), Author: Anne Fitzpatrick
Title: Law and Order, Author: Kathleen G. Manatt
Title: The Missouri Supreme Court: From Dred Scott to Nancy Cruzan, Author: Gerald T. Dunne
Title: The International Criminal Court: Global Politics and the Quest for Justice, Author: William Driscoll
Title: America's Courts on Trial, Author: Elaine Pascoe
Title: Judicial Process in America, Author: Robert A. Carp
Title: Free Press vs. Fair Trial: Television and Other Media in the Courtroom, Author: Michael Kronenwetter