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Title: Debtor Diplomacy: Finance and American Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era 1837-1873, Author: Jay Sexton
Title: Dictatorship, Democracy, and Globalization: Argentina and the Cost of Paralysis, 1973-2001, Author: Klaus Friedrich Veigel
Title: Silent Revolution in Africa: Debt, Development and Democracy, Author: Fantu Cheru
Title: Currencies and Crises, Author: Paul Krugman
Title: The Debt Boomerang, Author: Susan George
Title: A System in Crisis: The Dynamics of Free Market Capitalism, Author: James Petras
Title: Latin America and the World Recession, Author: Esperanza Duran
Title: Debt, Development, and Democracy: Modern Political Economy and Latin America, 1965-1985, Author: Jeffry A. Frieden
Title: Political Dimensions of the International Debt Crisis, Author: Bonnie K. Campbell
Title: Debt and Development, Author: Stuart Corbridge
Title: World Trade: Monetary Order and Latin America, Author: Paolo Savona
Title: Developing Country Debt Crisis, Author: David F. Lomax
Title: From the Local to the Global: Key Issues in Development Studies, Author: Gerard McCann
Title: Sovereign Assets and Liabilities Management: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Hong Kong SAR, Author: David Folkerts-Landau
Title: Latin America: Bankers, Generals and the Struggle for Social Justice, Author: James F. Petras
Title: Developing Country Debt and the World Economy, Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs
Title: International Borrowing by Developing Countries, Author: Marilyn J. Seiber
Title: The International Monetary Fund And Latin America: Economic Stabilization And Class Conflict, Author: Manuel
Title: International Trade, Investment, Macro Policies and History: Essays in Memory of Carlos F. Diaz-Alejandro, Author: Pranab K. Bardhan
Title: World Debt Crisis: International Lending on Trial, Author: Michael P. Claudon

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