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Title: Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years of Election Art, Author: The Library Of Congress
Title: Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry, Author: Tendai Tagarira
Title: Beauty Is in the Street: A Visual Record of the May '68 Paris Uprising, Author: Johan Kugelberg
Title: THE REPUBLIC, Author: Plato
Title: 200 Years of Political Campaign Collectibles, Author: Mark Warda
Title: Angry Graphics: Protest Posters of the Reagan - Bush Era, Author: Karrie Jacobs
Title: Season's Greetings from the White House: The Collection of Presidential Christmas Cards, Messages and Gifts, Author: Mary Evans Evans Seeley
Title: 100 Years of Political Campaign Collectibles, Author: Mark Warda
Title: Campaigning with James Michael Curley, Author: Edmund B. Sullivan
Title: Il Cristianesimo e il Lavoro, Author: Camillo Berneri
Title: British Royalty Commemoratives: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Royal Events in Britain Illustrated by Commemoratives, Author: Douglas H. Flynn
Title: Latin American Posters: Public Aesthetics and Mass Politics, Author: Russ Davidson
Title: CLASH OF THE GIANTS, Author: Alexander K. Moore Jr.
Title: Zurück zum Respekt: Überleben in einer chaotischen Welt, Author: Franz Vranitzky
Title: Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection, Author: Deborah Rothschild
Title: Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated, Author: James Mann
Title: Hail to the Candidate: Presidential Campaigns from Banners to Broadcasts, Author: Keith E. Melder
Title: Design for Obama: Posters for Change: A Grassroots Anthology, Author: Aaron Perry-Zucker
Title: North Korean Posters: The David Heather Collection, Author: David Heather
Title: The Foremost Guide to Uncle Sam Collectibles, Author: Gerald E. Czulewicz

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