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Title: Batman's Guide to Crime and Detection (DK Readers Series), Author: Michael Teitelbaum
Title: Case Closed: The Real Scoop on Detective Work, Author: Milton Meltzer
Title: Crime and Detection (DK Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Brian Lane
Title: War on Drugs, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights (Sourcebooks on Contemporary Controversies), Author: Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch
Title: If I Were the President [Scholastic], Author: Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Title: Fema, Author: Tristan Boyer Binns
Title: A Visit to the Police Station, Author: Dotti Hannum
Title: Fire! (Scholastic Reference), Author: Joy Masoff
Title: The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Author: Tristan Boyer Binns
Title: I Can Be a Fire Fighter, Author: Rebecca Hankin
Title: Fire Fighters, Author: Angela Royston
Title: Spies and Detectives, Author: Sarah Ketchersid
Title: What's It Like to Be a Police Officer, Author: Michael J. Pellowski
Title: Firefighter, Author: Heather Miller
Title: What's Inside a Firehouse?, Author: Sharon Gordon
Title: I'm Going to Be a Police Officer, Author: Edith I. Kunhardt
Title: Young Detective's Handbook, Author: William V. Butler
Title: Detective's Handbook, Author: Anne Civardi
Title: Firehouse Dog, Author: Amy Hutchinson
Title: Fire Fighter, Author: Michael J. Pellowski

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