Title: Ginger: My Story, Author: Ginger Rogers
Title: American Dance: The Complete Illustrated History, Author: Margaret Fuhrer
eBook $33.99 $45.00 Current price is $33.99, Original price is $45.00.
Title: Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday, Author: Jordan Matter
Title: The Style of Movement: Fashion & Dance, Author: Ken Browar
Title: The Art of Movement, Author: Ken Browar
Title: Vaganova Today: The Preservation of Pedagogical Tradition, Author: Catherine E. Pawlick
Title: Appreciating Dance: A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art, Author: Editors of Dance Horizons
Title: The Only Pirate at the Party, Author: Lindsey Stirling
Title: Complete Conditioning for the Female Athlete and Dancer, Author: Christine Wells
Title: Dance with Demons: The Life Jerome Robbins, Author: Greg Lawrence
Title: Democracy's Body: Judson Dance Theatre, 1962-1964 / Edition 1, Author: Sally Banes
Title: Careers in Dance: Practical and Strategic Guidance From the Field, Author: Ali Duffy
Title: Brain-Compatible Dance Education, Author: Anne Green Gilbert
Title: Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology / Edition 2, Author: Karen Clippinger
Title: The Intimate Act Of Choreography, Author: Lynne Anne Blom
Title: Prophet for Our Times: The Life & Teachings of Peter Deunov, Author: David Lorimer
Title: First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children / Edition 3, Author: Mary Joyce
Title: Dancing, Author: Gerald Jonas
Title: Dance Theatre of Harlem: A History, A Movement, A Celebration, Author: Judy Tyrus
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Title: Kilgore Rangerettes, Author: O. Rufus Lovett

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