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Title: 100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents: Straight Answers to Teens' Questions About Sex, Sexuality, and Health, Author: Elisabeth Henderson
Title: Reproductive Rights, Author: Vicki O. Wittenstein
Title: Safe Sex 101: An Overview for Teens, Author: Margaret O. Hyde
Title: Sexual Health Information for Teens: Health Tips about Sexual Development, Reproduction, Contraception, and Sexually Transmitted Infections Including Facts about Puberty, Sexuality, Birth Control, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Human Papillomavirus, Syphil, Author: Sandra Augustyn Lawton
Title: Birth Control, Author: Margaret Haerens
Title: Overpopulation: Crisis or Challenge?, Author: Nathan Aaseng
Title: Sex, Author: David M. Haugen
Title: Coping with an Unplanned Pregnancy, Author: Carolyn Simpson
Title: It's Okay to Say No: Choosing Sexual Abstinence, Author: Eleanor H. Ayer
Title: The Seventeen Guide to Sex and Your Body, Author: Sabrina Solin
Title: Red Light Green Light: Preventing Teen Pregnancy / Edition 1, Author: Janet Ollila Colberg
Title: Birth Control, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: Everything You Need to Know about Birth Control, Author: Gary Mucciolo
Title: Teen Pregnancy, Author: Emma Carlson-Berne
Title: Religion and Sexuality, Author: Kevin Hillstrom
Title: Coping With Birth Control, Author: Michael D. Benson
Title: Reproductive Rights: Making the Right Choices, Author: Jennifer Bringle
Title: Birth Control, Author: Noel Merino
Title: Margaret Sanger: Every Child a Wanted Child, Author: Nancy Whitelaw
Title: World Health and Population, Author: Nance Lui Fyson

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