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Title: Stencils and Prints, Author: Deri Robins
Title: Paper Crafts, Author: Linda Hetzer
Title: Printing, Author: Susan Niner Janes
Title: Making Prints, Author: Deri Robins
Title: The Stamp-Pad Printing Book, Author: Florence Harvey Pettit
Title: Stencils and Screens, Author: Susan O'Reilly
Title: Potato Printing, Author: Helen R. Haddad
Title: Printmaking, Author: Don Bolognese
Title: Make Prints!, Author: Solga
Title: Tommy Nelson's PlayPaks: Stamping & Stickers, Author: Bookworks
Title: Relief Printmaking, Author: Gerald F. Brommer
Title: Simple Printing Methods, Author: Jeanne Cross
Title: Printing: Arts and Crafts Skills, Author: Susan Niner Janes