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Title: Population Research, Policy and Related Studies in Puerto Rico: An Inventory, Author: Kent C. Earnhardt
Title: Structural Change in a Developing Economy: Colombia's Problems and Prospects, Author: Richard R. Nelson
Title: Latin America: Economy and Society since 1930, Author: Leslie Bethell
Title: The Population of Latin America, Author: Nicolas Sanchez-Albornoz
Title: Population and Energy: A Systems Analysis of Resource Utilization in the Dominican Republic, Author: Gustavo A. Antonini
Title: Latin American Population and Urbanization Analysis: Maps and Statistics, 1950-1982, Author: Richard W. Wilkie
Title: Natural Resources and Economic Development in Central America: A Regional Environmental Profile, Author: H. Jeffrey Leonard
Title: Bordering on Trouble: Resources and Politics in Latin America, Author: Janet W. Brown
Title: Migrants To Amazonia: Spontaneous Colonization In The Brazilian Frontier, Author: Judith Lisansky
Title: Mexican and Central American Population and U. S. Immigration Policy, Author: Frank D. Bean
Title: Cronicas del Aguante: Futbol, Violencia y Politica, Author: Pablo Alabarces
Title: Demographic Responses to Economic Adjustment in Latin America, Author: Georges Photios Tapinos
Title: Mestizaje in Ibero-america, Author: Claudio Esteva-Fabregat
Title: Mexico and the Caribbean, Author: Sherburne Friend Cook
Title: The Demographic Structure and Evolution of a Peasant System: The Guatemalan Population, Author: John D. Early
Title: The Population Dynamics of the Mucajai Yanomama, Author: John D. Early
Title: Transformaciones Sociodemograficas En Columbia Durante El Siglo XX, Author: Carmen Elisa Florez
Title: Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity, Author: Gyles Iannone
Title: Population Growth in Latin America and U. S. National Security, Author: John Saunders
Title: Race Between Population and Food Supply in Latin America, Author: T. Lynn Smith

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