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Title: The Cold War: A Military History, Author: David Miller
Title: The State of the Native Nations: Conditions under U.S. Policies of Self-Determination / Edition 1, Author: The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development
Title: La Place de la Concorde Suisse, Author: John McPhee
Title: The Swiss and the Nazis: How the Alpine Republic Survived in the Shadow of the Third Reich, Author: Stephen Halbrook
Title: Target Switzerland: Swiss Armed Neutrality In World War II, Author: Stephen P. Halbrook
Title: Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Conquest / Edition 1, Author: Anne Mcclintock
Title: The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Guide to the Treaties of the Six Nations and Their League, Author: Francis Jennings
Title: Camp David Accords, Author: Clete Hinton
Title: In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality 1939-1945, Author: Robert Fisk
Title: American Indian Treaties: The History of a Political Anomaly / Edition 1, Author: Francis Paul Prucha
Title: Viva la historieta: Mexican Comics, NAFTA, and the Politics of Globalization, Author: Bruce Campbell
Title: U.S. Spy in Ireland, Author: Martin S. Quigley
Title: This Side of Peace: A Personal Account, Author: Hanan Ashrawi
Title: Ecuador vs. Peru: Peacemaking Amid Rivalry, Author: Monica Herz
Title: For Honour's Sake: The War of 1812 and the Brokering of an Uneasy Peace, Author: Mark Zuehlke
Title: The End of the Peace Process: Oslo and After, Author: Edward W. Said
Title: The Selling of
Title: Peace and Its Discontents: Essays on Palestine in the Middle East Peace Process, Author: Edward W. Said
Title: The New Middle East, Author: Shimon Peres
Title: Consultation and Co-Operation in the Commonwealth, Author: Heather J. Harvey

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