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Title: The Twilight War: The Secret History of America's Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran, Author: David Crist
Title: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, Author: Jimmy Carter
Title: Beyond America's Grasp: A Century of Failed Diplomacy in the Middle East, Author: Stephen P. Cohen
Title: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Author: John J. Mearsheimer
Title: Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer, Author: Phyllis Bennis
Title: On Wings of Eagles, Author: Ken Follett
Title: What's It All About?: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life, Author: Julian Baggini
Title: Las alas del águila (On Wings of Eagles), Author: Ken Follett
Title: Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Tragic Anglo-American Coup, Author: Christopher de Bellaigue
Title: Hidden Iran: Paradox and Power in the Islamic Republic, Author: Ray Takeyh
Title: A Mortal Danger, Author: Aaron Hart
Title: Peacewatch Anthology, Author: Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Title: Zionism, the Superpowers, and the P. L. O., Author: Henry Paolucci
Title: Approaching Peace: American Interests in Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Talks, Author: Robert B. Satloff
Title: Building for Security and Peace in the Middle East: An American Agenda, Author: Washington Institute for Near East Policy Staff
Title: To Begin the World Over Again: Lawrence of Arabia from Damascus to Baghdad, Author: John C. Hulsman
Title: The Clouded Lens: Persian Gulf Security and U. S. Policy, Author: James H. Noyes
Title: Deadly Business: Legal Deals and Outlaw Weapons: The Arming of Iran and Iraq, 1975 to the Present, Author: Herbert Krosney
Title: Why Israel Can't Wait: The Coming War Between Israel and Iran, Author: Jerome R. Corsi
Title: Iranian Military Power: Capabilities and Intentions, Author: Michael Eisenstadt

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