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Title: Giant Blackbook, Author: Mike ''GIANT'' LeSage
Title: The International Foundation Directory 2001, Author: 10th Ed
Title: Celebrity Register, Author: Earl Blackwell
Title: International Directory of Company Histories, Author: Gale
Title: International Directory of Company Histories, Author: Jay P. Pederson
Title: Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S., Author: Gale
Title: Cumulative Index to ASCE Publications, 1980-1984, Author: American Society Of Civil Engineers
Title: Ency Assn 21, Author: Cengage Gale
Title: European Sources of Scientific and Technical Information, Author: Anthony P. Harvey
Title: Handbook of Industrial Chemical Additives: An International Guide by Product, Tradename, Function, and Supplier, Author: Michael Ash
Title: Fleet Reserve Assciation, Author: Turner Publishing Company Staf
Title: Encyclopedia Of Associations 22 V1 Ne Regional State Lcl, Author: Cengage Gale
Title: Building and Fire Code Classification of Hazardous Materials, Author: Amy Beasley Spencer
Title: Government Phone Book USA 2004: A Comprehensive Guide to Federal, State, County, and Local Government Offices in the United States, Author: Omnigraphics
Title: Global Connect!: Telecommunications, Cell Communications Internet Connectivity, Mobile Connectivity, 161 Countries, Author: Myron Manley
Title: Handbook of Materials Testing Reactors and Associated Hot Laboratories in the European Community: Nuclear Science and Technology / Edition 1, Author: Peter von der Hardt
Title: ASCE Annual Combined Index, 1992, Author: American Society of Civil Engineers
Title: Trade and Professional Associations / Edition 7, Author: California Institute of Public Affairs Staf
Title: Language Industries Atlas, Author: P. M. Hearn
Title: Encyclopedia of Associations - Regional, State, and Local Organizations: Northeastern States, Author: Gale Group

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