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Title: Colorado Rockhounding: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils, Author: Stephen M. Voynick
Title: How To Draw A T-Rex In Six Easy Steps, Author: Tanya Provines
Title: Time Tunnel, Author: Arthur John L' Hommedieu
Title: 14 Fun Facts About Dinosaurs: A 15-Minute Book, Author: Caitlind Alexander
Title: Giant Ground Sloth, Author: Michael P. Goecke
Title: Life before Man, Author: Zdenek V. Spinar
Title: Vanishing Species, Author: Miles Barton
Title: Prehistoric Mammals: A New World Pop-up Book, Author: Melvin Berger
Title: All the Dirt on Dinosaurs, Author: Don Lessem
Title: Giant Kangaroo, Author: Carol K. Lindeen
Title: Prehistoric Mammals, Author: Anne McCord
Title: John Horner Living with Dinosaurs, Author: Don Lessem
Title: Historical Geology: Understanding Our Planet's Past, Author: Jon Erickson
Title: The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book, Author: Thomas E. Svarney
Title: American Dinosaur Hunters, Author: Nathan Aaseng
Title: Giant Predators of the Ancient Seas, Author: Judy Cutchins
Title: Lost Wild America: The Story of Our Extinct and Vanishing Wildlife, Author: Robert M. McClung
Title: Ice Ages, Author: Roy A. Gallant
Title: Fossils, Author: Trudi Strain Trueit
Title: Los Primeros Anfibios, Author: B. Marvis

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