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Title: Prevail: The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia's Victory over Mussolini's Invasion, 1935-1941, Author: Jeff Pearce
Title: Kebra Nagast (The Glory Of Kings), Author: Miguel F. Brooks
Title: Notes from the Hyena's Belly: An Ethiopian Boyhood, Author: Nega Mezlekia
Title: The Emperor, Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski
Title: The Real Facts about Ethiopia, Author: J. A. Rogers
Title: Ancient African Civilizations: Kush and Axum / Edition 1, Author: Stanley Burstein
Title: Negus, Author: Miguel F. Brooks
Title: A History of Modern Ethiopia, 1855-1991: Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Bahru Zewde
Title: Ethiopia: The Challenge of Democracy from Below, Author: Bahru Zewde
Title: History of Ethiopia (Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations Series), Author: Saheed A. Adejumobi
Title: Mossad Exodus, Author: Gad Shimron
Title: Great Leaps Forward: Modernizers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America / Edition 1, Author: Cyrus Veeser
Title: Marxist Modern / Edition 1, Author: Donald L. Donham
Title: Development of Higher Education and Social Change: An Ethiopian Experience, Author: Teshome Wagaw
Title: The Ethiopian Revolution, Author: Fred Halliday
Title: Ethiopia at Bay: A Personal Account of the Haile Sellassie Years, Author: John H. Spencer
Title: Imagining Ethiopia: Struggles for History and Identity in the Horn of Africa, Author: John Sorenson
Title: The Roots of Rastafari, Author: Virginia Lee Jacobs
Title: Oromo of Ethiopia: A History, 1570-1860, Author: Mohammed Hassen
Title: Abyssinia of to-Day: An Account of the First Mission Sent by the American Government to the Court of the King of Kings, 1903-1904, Author: Robert Peet Skinner

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