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Title: Kilimanjaro, Author: Michel Moushabeck
Title: Kilimanjaro: A Photographic Journey to the Roof of Africa, Author: Michel Moushabeck
Title: Tanzania: The Story of an African Transition, Author: Roger Nord Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Let The People Speak. Tanzania Down The Road To Neo-Liberalism, Author: Issa G Shivji
Title: Building the Rule of the Law, Author: Jennifer A. Widner
Title: Tanzania: Crisis and Struggle for Survival, Author: Scandinavian Institute for Research in Entrepreneurship Staff
Title: Tanzania and Nyerere: A Study of Ujamaa and Nationalism, Author: William R. Duggan
Title: Social Service Crisis of the 1900's: Strategies for Sustainable Systems in Tanzania / Edition 2, Author: Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka
Title: Beyond Ujamaa in Tanzania: Underdevelopment and an Uncaptured Peasantry, Author: Goran Hyden
Title: Sacred Trees, Bitter Harvests: Globalizing Coffee in Northwest Tanzania, Author: Brad Weiss
Title: The Cool Knife: Imagery of Gender, Sexuality, and Moral Education in Kaguru Initiation Ritual, Author: T. O. Beidelman
Title: Custodians of the Land: Ecology and Culture in History of Tanzania, Author: Gregory Maddox
Title: Imposing Wilderness: Struggles over Livelihood and Nature Preservation in Africa, Author: Roderick P. Neumann
Title: Dhow Chasing: In Zanzibar Waters, Author: G. J. Sulivan
Title: Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar: The Memoirs of Ali Sultan Issa and Seif Sharif Hamad, Author: G. Thomas Burgess
Title: A Modern History of Tanganyika, Author: John Iliffe
Title: Pastimes and Politics: Culture, Community, and Identity in Post-Abolition Urban Zanzibar, 1890-1945, Author: Laura Fair
Title: Kilimanjaro Tales: The Saga of a Medical Family in Africa, Author: Gwynneth Latham
Title: Fipa Families: Reproduction and Catholic Evangelization in Nkansi, Ufipa, 1880-1960, Author: Kathleen R. Smythe
Title: African Industry in Decline: The Case of Textiles in Tanzania in the 1980's, Author: Peter De Valk

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