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Title: Unseen City: The Majesty of Pigeons, the Discreet Charm of Snails & Other Wonders of the Urban Wilderness, Author: Nathanael Johnson
Title: Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape, Author: Jill Jonnes
Title: The Urban Bestiary: Encountering the Everyday Wild, Author: Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Title: A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest, Author: William deBuys
Title: A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard, Author: John Hanson Mitchell
Title: Coyote at the Kitchen Door: Living with Wildlife in Suburbia, Author: Stephen DeStefano
Title: Urban Carnivores: Ecology, Conflict, and Conservation, Author: Stanley D. Gehrt
Title: Among the Bone Eaters: Encounters with Hyenas in Harar, Author: Marcus Baynes-Rock
Title: Constructed Climates: A Primer on Urban Environments, Author: William G. Wilson
Title: Suburban Safari: A Year on the Lawn, Author: Hannah Holmes
Title: Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment / Edition 1, Author: Matthew E. Kahn
Title: There's a Bobcat in My Backyard!: Living with and Enjoying Urban Wildlife, Author: Jonathan Hanson
Title: Ecotopia 2121: A Vision for Our Future Green Utopia--in 100 Cities, Author: Alan Marshall
Title: Environmental Planning in the Netherlands: Too Good to Be True: From Command and Control Planning to Shared Governance, Author: Gert de Roo
Title: Handbook of Urban and Community Forestry in the Northeast, Author: John E. Kuser
Title: Towns and Cities, Author: Rodney Aldis
Title: The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology / Edition 1, Author: Ian Douglas
Title: Coyotes in the Crosswalk: True Tales of Animal Life in the Wilds of the City!, Author: Diane Swanson
Title: Wildlife Begins at Home, Author: Tony Soper
Title: Wild Urban Woodlands: New Perspectives for Urban Forestry / Edition 1, Author: Ingo Kowarik

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