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Title: Stablizing an Unstable Economy / Edition 1, Author: Hyman P. Minsky
Title: Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry, Author: Dylan Ratigan
Title: Latin American Experiments in Neoconservative Economics, Author: Alejandro Foxley
Title: Erik Lundberg, Author: Rolf G. Henriksson
Title: Developing Public Finance in Emerging Market Economies, Author: Kalman Mizsei
Title: Beyond Adjustment: The Asian Experience, Author: Paul Streeten
Title: Frameworks for Monetary Stability: Policy Issues and Country Experiences, Author: Mr. Carlo Cottarelli
Title: Glob and Intl Econ Instability, Author: H. Peter Gray
Title: Economic Adjustment Policies for Small Nations: Theory and Experience in the English-Speaking Caribbean, Author: Delisle Worrell
Title: The Political Economy of Reform / Edition 1, Author: Federico Sturzenegger
Title: The Problem of Employment Stabilization, Author: Bertil Gotthard Ohlin
Title: Resilience and Growth Through Sustained Adjustment: The Moroccan Experience, Author: Ms. Sena Eken
Title: Cooperative and Collective in China's Rural Development: Between State and Private Interests, Author: Eduard B. Vermeer
Title: Fiscal Policy in Open Developing Economies, Author: Mr. Vito Tanzi
Title: The Fearful Rise of Markets: Global Bubbles, Synchronized Meltdowns, and How To Prevent Them in the Future,, Author: John Authers
Title: Development of Finance and Policy Reform, Author: Mosley
Title: Economic Growth and Stability: An Analysis of Economic Change and Policies, Author: Gottfried Haberler
Title: En Route to Modern Growth: Latin American in the 1990s, Author: Gustav Ranis
Title: Understanding Modern Money: The Key to Full Employment and Price Stability, Author: L. Randall Wray
Title: Latin America Transformed: Globalization and Modernity / Edition 2, Author: Robert N Gwynne

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