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Title: A Rabble of Dead Money: The Great Crash and the Global Depression: 1929-1939, Author: Charles R. Morris
Title: An Extraordinary Time: The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy, Author: Marc Levinson
Title: The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order, Author: Benn Steil
Title: I.O.U.: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay, Author: John Lanchester
Title: Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir, Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Title: Ava's Man (4 cassettes), Author: Rick Bragg
Title: New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America, Author: Burton W. Folsom Jr.
Title: Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World, Author: Liaquat Ahamed
Title: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World, Author: William J. Bernstein
Title: Since Yesterday: The 1930's in America, September 3, 1929-September 3, 1939, Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
Title: Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s, Author: Donald Worster
Title: The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers - and the Coming Cashless Society, Author: David Wolman
Title: The Summit: Bretton Woods, 1944: J. M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy, Author: Ed Conway
Title: The Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora's Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance, Author: Michael Perino
Title: Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History, Author: Milton Friedman
Title: The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession, Author: Peter L. Bernstein
Title: A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression, Author: Jane Ziegelman
Title: The History of Money, Author: Jack Weatherford
Title: The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention, Author: William Rosen
Title: Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius, Author: Sylvia Nasar

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