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Title: Free Trade: Risks and Rewards, Author: Ian MacDonald
Title: Innovation Policy: Western Provinces of Canada, Author: OECD Staff
Title: Key Porter, Author:
Title: Privatization and State-Owned Enterprises: Lessons from the United States, Great Britain and Canada, Author: Paul W. Macavoy
Title: Who's in Charge?: The Mixed Ownership Corporation in Canada, Author: Stephen Brooks
Title: Canadian Condition: A Guide to Research in Public Policy, Author: Raymond Breton
Title: Secrets in High Places, Author: Jay Innes
Title: Canada: Pathways to the Present, Author: John T. Saywell
Title: Mergers, Corporate Concentration and Power in Canada, Author: R. S. Khemani
Title: Forming Economic Policy: The Case of Energy in Canada and Mexico, Author: Fen Osler Hampson
Title: The Treaty of Washington : its negotiation, execution, and the discussions relating thereto, Author: Caleb Cushing
Title: Memos to the Prime Minister: What Canada Could Be in the 21st Century, Author: Harvey Schachter
Title: Research in International Business and Finance: The Internationalization of Financial Markets and National Economic Policy, Author: Larry Lang
Title: Restructuring Caring Labour: Discourse, State Practice, and Everyday Life, Author: Sheila M. Neysmith
Title: The Canadian State: Political Economy and Political Power, Author: Leo Panitch
Title: Free Trade: And the New Right Agenda, Author: John W. Warnock
Title: The Impacts 9/11 on Canada-U. S. Trade, Author: Steven Globerman
Title: The Making of NAFTA: How the Deal Was Done, Author: Maxwell A. Cameron
Title: A Conjunction of Interests: Business, Politics, and Tariffs 1825-1879, Author: Ben Forster
Title: Canadian Fiscal Arrangements: What Works, What Might Work Better, Author: Harvey Lazar

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