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Title: The Literature and Study of Urban and Regional Planning, Author: Brenda White
Title: The Literature of Political Economy: A Classified Catalogue of Select Publications in the Different Departments of the Science, with Historical, Critical and Biographical Notices, Author: John R. McCulloch
Title: Theory and Measurement for Economic Policy, Author: Herbert G. Grubel
Title: A Bibliographical Guide to Japanese Research on the Chinese Economy, 1958-1970, Author: W. P. J. Hall
Title: Sociology, Anthropology, and Development: An Annotated Bibliography of World Bank Publications, 1975-1993, Author: Michael M. Cernea
Title: China Watching: Perspectives from Europe, Japan and the United States / Edition 1, Author: Robert Ash
Title: European Communities: A Guide to Information Sources, Author: J. Bryan Collester
Title: The European Reconstruction 1948-1961. La reconstruction europeenne 1948-1961: Bibliography on the Marshall Plan and the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC). Bibliographie sur le Plan Marshall et l'Organisation europeenne de cooperation, Author: Organisation for economic co-operation and development
Title: Modern British Society: A Bibliography, Author: John Westergaard
Title: Bibliography of European Economic and Social History, Author: Derek Howard Aldcroft
Title: British Economy and Social History: A Bibliographic Guide, Author: R. C. Richardson
Title: An Annotated Bibliography of Health Economics: English Language Sources, Author: A. J. Culyer
Title: Economics Selections: 1963-1970, Author: Maurice B. Ballabon
Title: Canadian Selection: Books and Periodicals for Libraries, Author: Mavis Cariou
Title: Business Serials of the U. S. Government / Edition 2, Author: Priscilla C. Geahigan
Title: Mathematical Economics and Operations Research: A Guide to Information Sources, Author: Joseph Zaremba
Title: Basic Research Resources in Economics, Author: Robert Goehlert
Title: Canada, Author: Ernest Boyce Ingles
Title: Dissemination of the Wealth of Nations in French and in France, 1776-1843, Author: Kenneth E. Carpenter
Title: Economic History of Canada: A Guide to Information Sources, Author: Trevor J. O. Dick

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