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Title: The Other Side of Silence, Author: Arden Neisser
Title: Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School (Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 1), Author: Gina A. Oliva
Title: How You Gonna Get to Heaven If You Can't Talk with Jesus, Author: James Woodward
Title: Hispanic Deaf: Issues and Challenges for Bilingual Special Education, Author: Gibert L. Delgado
Title: Educational Audiology across the Lifespan: Serving All Learners with Hearing Impairment, Author: Kristina M. English
Title: Mainstreaming: Practical Ideas for Educating Hearing-Impaired Students, Author: Milo E. Bishop
Title: Educating the Deaf: Psychology, Principles, and Practices / Edition 5, Author: Donald Moores
Title: Best Practices in Educational Interpreting / Edition 2, Author: Brenda Chafin C. Seal
Title: Rethinking the Education of Deaf Students: Theory and Practice from a Teacher's Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Sue Livingston
Title: Psychology of Deafness: Understanding Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People / Edition 1, Author: McCay Vernon
Title: I Fill This Small Space: The Writings of a Deaf Activist, Author: Lawrence Newman
Title: Psychological, Social, and Educational Dimensions of Deafness / Edition 1, Author: Barbara R. Schirmer
Title: Language Learning Practices with Deaf Children, Author: Patricia L. McAnally
Title: Significant Gestures: A History of American Sign Language, Author: John Tabak
Title: Educating the Deaf: Psychology, Principles and Practices / Edition 3, Author: Donald F. Moores
Title: Language Learning and Deafness, Author: Michael Strong
Title: Education and Deafness, Author: Peter V. Paul
Title: Best Practices in Educational Interpreting, Author: Brenda Chafin Seal
Title: Manager's Guide to the Tutor-Notetaker, Author: Russell T. Osguthorpe
Title: The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community, Author: Harlan Lane

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