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Title: The Battle for Room 314: My Year of Hope and Despair in a New York City High School, Author: Ed Boland
Title: For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood... and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education, Author: Christopher Emdin
Title: The Bridge to Brilliance: How One Principal in a Tough Community Is Inspiring the World, Author: Nadia Lopez
Title: Unique Challenges in Urban Schools: The Involvement of African American Parents, Author: Eric R. Jackson
Title: The Bee Eater: Michelle Rhee Takes on the Nation's Worst School District, Author: Richard Whitmire
Title: Scattering the Seeds of Knowledge: The Words and Works of Indiana?s Pioneer County Extension Agents, Author: Frederick Whitford
Title: Inside Mrs. B's Classroom: Courage, Hope, and LEarning on Chicago's South Side / Edition 1, Author: Leslie Baldacci
Title: Handbook of Urban Educational Leadership, Author: Muhammad Khalifa
Title: Educational Policies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan: Contested Terrain in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Mir Afzal Tajik
Title: Connecting with Students: Strategies for Building Rapport with Urban Learners, Author: Crystal Higgs
Title: A Fight for the Soul of Public Education: The Story of the Chicago Teachers Strike, Author: Steven K. Ashby
Title: Mission High: One School, How Experts Tried to Fail It, and the Students and Teachers Who Made It Triumph, Author: Kristina Rizga
Title: Raising Educational Standards in the Inner Cities: Practical Initiatives in Action, Author: Michael Barber
Title: Battle Rock: A Year In The Life Of A One Room School, Author: William Celis
Title: Keepers of the Flame: Contemporary Urban Superintendents / Edition 1, Author: Theodore J. Kowalski
Title: Cities and Schools in the Gilded Age: The Evolution of an Urban Institution, Author: William A. Bullough
Title: Struggles of Getting an Education: Issues of Power, Culture, and Difference for Mexican Americans of the Southwest, Author: Barbara Sparks
Title: Listening to Urban Kids: School Reform and the Teachers They Want, Author: Bruce L. Wilson
Title: City Schools and City Politics: Institutions and Leadership in Pittsburgh, Boston and St. Louis, Author: John Portz
Title: The Star Creek Papers, Author: Adam Fairclough

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