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Title: Es geht um NICHTS!: Das Weltenergieproblem ist gelöst, Author: Peter Lemar
Title: 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide, Author: Richard L. Myers
Title: Energy Sources, Author: Ed Catherall
Title: Powering the Future: How We Will (Eventually) Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow, Author: Robert B. Laughlin
Title: Energy and Power, Author: R. Spurgeon
Title: Projects That Explore Energy, Author: Martin J. Gutnik
Title: The Fuel Savers: A Kit of Solar Ideas for Your Home, Apartment or Business, Author: Bruce N. Anderson
Title: Heat and Energy, Author: Bobbi Searle
Title: Renewable Energy, Author: Chris Oxlade
Title: Energy, Author: Robin McKie
Title: Energy Resources, Author: Ewan McLeish
Title: Overpotential: Fuel Cells, Futurism, and the Making of a Power Panacea, Author: Matthew Eisler
Title: Wind and Water Energy, Author: Sherry Neuwirth Payne
Title: Energy Alternatives, Author: Helen Cothran
Title: Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How, Author: S. David Freeman
Title: Power and Energy, Author: Chris Woodford
Title: Energy: The New Look, Author: Margaret O. Hyde
Title: Perspectives on Energy: Issues, Ideas, and Environmental Dilemmas, Author: Lon C. Ruedisili
Title: How We Use Coal, Author: Chris Oxlade
Title: The Energy Dilemma, Author: Jared (EDT) Keen

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