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Title: EPA: Environmental Protection Agency, Author: Tristan Boyer Binns
Title: Earthwise at School: A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Planet, Author: Linda Lowery
Title: Vanishing Habitats, Author: Tony Hare
Title: Our Ocean Home, Author: Robert Lyn Nelson
Title: Every Kid's Guide to Saving the Earth, Author: Joy Wilt Berry
Title: Deforestation, Author: Caleb Owens
Title: Hands-On Projects about Saving the Earth's Resources, Author: Krista West
Title: There's Still Time: The Success of the Endangered Species Act, Author: Mark Galan
Title: Wetlands, Author: Emilie U. Lepthien
Title: Energy and Resources, Author: Paul Brown
Title: Dying Oceans, Author: Paula Z. Hogan
Title: Nature in Danger, Author: Mary O'Neil
Title: My First Green Book, Author: Angela Wilkes
Title: I Can Save the Earth: A Kid's Handbook for Keeping Earth Healthy and Green, Author: Anita Holmes
Title: Save It! Keep It! Use It Again!: A Book about Conservation and Recycling, Author: R. J. Lefkowitz
Title: Ecology: Our Living Planet, Author: Paula Z. Hogan
Title: Vanishing Rain Forests, Author: Paula Z. Hogan
Title: Pollution and Conservation, Author: David Lambert
Title: Save the Earth!: An Ecology Handbook for Kids, Author: Betty Miles
Title: Land We Live On, Author: Jill C. Wheeler

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