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Title: A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions, Author: Muhammad Yunus
Title: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed: Revised Edition, Author: Jared Diamond
Title: Where the Water Goes: Life and Death Along the Colorado River, Author: David Owen
Title: The Climate Swerve: Reflections on Mind, Hope, and Survival, Author: Robert Jay Lifton
Title: Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor, Author: Rob Nixon
Title: The Environmental Planning Handbook for Sustainable Communities and Regions / Edition 2, Author: Tom Daniels
Title: Environmental Policy: New Directions of the Twenty-First Century / Edition 9, Author: Norman J. Vig
Title: The Environmental Case; Translating Values Into Policy / Edition 1, Author: Judith A. Layzer
Title: Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians and Misguided Policies That Hurt the Poor, Author: Roy W. Spencer
Title: Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Men Who Are Destroying Life on Earth and What It Means to Our Children, Author: Dick Russell
Title: The Global Environment; Institutions, Law, and Policy / Edition 4, Author: Regina S. Axelrod
Title: Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex, Author: Rupert Darwall
Title: The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World's Top Climate Scientists, Author: Roy W Spencer
Title: Powering Forward: What Everyone Should Know About America's Energy Revolution, Author: Jr. Ritter
Title: Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America, Author: Douglas Brinkley
Title: Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?, Author: Alan Weisman
Title: Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, Author: Kathleen Dean Moore
Title: Our Only World: Ten Essays, Author: Wendell Berry
Title: The Future of Environmental Criticism: Environmental Crisis and Literary Imagination / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Buell
Title: Everything You Need to Know About Climate Change (2014), Author: Joshua Patton

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