Title: Nervous: A Novel, Author: Zane
Title: Empress & Messiah An Affair Turned Into Soul Ties, Author: Lady Capri
Title: But I'm Fine Tho: Khadija Parker, Author: Arabia Pre-Order Now
Title: Erotique Noire/Black Erotica, Author: Miriam Decosta-Willis
Title: Lickin' License: From Lust to Love to Deception and Death, Author: Intelligent Allah
Title: Butta Luv, Author: Lisa Williams
Title: Mr. Imposter: Fiction V/S Reality, Author: Janice Coleman
Title: Urban Mind State, Author: A.C. Jones
Title: Love Waiting to Happen, Author: Aubrei Edwards
Title: Sexaholics Anonymous: The Hoe Phase:, Author: Gentry Nicole
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The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth
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Title: Trapped, Author: Reese
Title: The Pleasure Chest, Author: Cairo
Title: Come Again, Author: Gentry Nicole
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Title: Sexual Healing: A Novel, Author: Allison Hobbs
Title: Retribution: Deep Throat Diva 2, Author: Cairo
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