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Title: Erotic Bedtime Stories, Author: Ja Lafrance
Title: The Dinner Party: An Erotic Adventure, Author: Victoria Rush
Title: Sex Dreams & Fantasies (Erotic Short Stories), Author: Lana Yves
Title: The Vineyard: A Couple's Erotic Adventure in Tuscany, Author: Mrs Smith
Title: The Academy - Orientation: spanking, discipline, corporal punishment, fetish, Author: Robin Fairchild
Title: Lady Rainmaker Presents: Kerry's Lips... Saturday Nights Rain:, Author: Lady Rainmaker
Title: Stink Sauna: A Fart Fetish Erotica, Author: F.F. Latus
Title: Bedtime Stories: His Words, Her Desires, Author: Sandy C. Jayne
Title: Cybersex Monday, Author: Jennifer Grey
Title: Frozen Feelings, Author: Arabell Redfox
Title: sVck: A Ridiculously Raunchy, Sexy, Romantic Comedy--With VAMPIRES!, Author: Seaward Dracula
Title: Long Days, Hard Nights: An Erotic Short Story Boxed Set, Author: R. B. Fields
Title: Chastity Tales: A Collection of Male Chastity Stories, Author: J. K. Spenser
Title: Brianna & Brother John: Admiration turned to love, Author: Zakiya Raines
Title: Psychics Do It Better II - Love Affairs across the Pages, Author: Ana And Lana Gilbert
Title: Mor3 Virtues of Joy: Compilation of Short Stories, Author: Joycelyn Wells
Title: Tangled In Charlotte's Web: A Tee Tyme Sexcapade, Author: Tina Mitchell
Title: Diary of a #MeTooPro: Sex, Money, and Search for Enlightenment:, Author: A Ollerob
Title: Shoot Me, Jesus: Tales of the Old & New Southwest, Author: Brian Allan Skinner
Title: more virtues of Joy: Compilation of Short Stories, Author: Joycelyn Wells

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