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Title: The Secret History of World War II: Spies, Code Breakers, and Covert Operations, Author: Neil Kagan
Title: The Interrogator: The Story of Hans Joachim Scharff, Master Interrogator of the Luftwaffe, Author: Raymond F. Toliver
Title: The Detonators: The Secret Plot to Destroy America and an Epic Hunt for Justice, Author: Chad Millman Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Code Talker: The First and Only Memoir by One of the Original Navajo Code Talkers of WWII, Author: Chester Nez
Title: Marching Orders: The Untold Story of How the American Breaking of the Japanese Secret Codes Led to the Defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, Author: Bruce Lee
Title: The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program, Author: Jeremy Scahill Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Advanced Interviewing Techniques: Proven Strategies for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel, Author: John R. Schafer
Title: Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the Hidden Story of America's Space Espionage, Author: Philip  Taubman
Title: Colossus: The secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers, Author: B. Jack Copeland Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Lockheed Blackbird: Beyond the Secret Missions (Revised Edition), Author: Paul Crickmore Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure, and Betrayal, Author: Howard Blum
Title: The B-45 Tornado: An Operational History of the First American Jet Bomber, Author: John C. Fredriksen
Title: Canaris: Hitler's Master Spy, Author: Heinz Hohne
Title: Uncovering Ways of War: U. S. Intelligence and Foreign Military Innovation, 1918-1941, Author: Thomas G. Mahnken
Title: Deciphering the Rising Sun, Author: Roger Dingman
Title: Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family's Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris, Author: Alex Kershaw Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Guy Liddell Diaries, Volume I: 1939-1942: MI5's Director of Counter-Espionage in World War II, Author: Nigel West Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Strategic Denial and Deception: The Twenty-First Century Challenge / Edition 1, Author: James Wirtz
Title: Combating Proliferation: Strategic Intelligence and Security Policy, Author: Jason D. Ellis
Title: Undercover Operator: An SOE Agent's Experiences in France and the Far East, Author: Sydney Hudson Read an excerpt of this book!

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