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Title: The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr., Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
Title: The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights, Author: Carole Boston Weatherford
Title: Out of the Darkness: The Story of Blacks Moving North 1890-1940, Author: Jim Benson Haskins
Title: Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides: The Power of Nonviolent Resistance, Author: Jake Miller
Title: Frederick Douglass: In His Own Words, Author: Milton Meltzer
Title: The Riddle of Racism, Author: S. Carl Hirsch
Title: Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone: The Brown V. Board of Education Decision, Author: Joyce Carol Thomas
Title: Marching Toward Freedom: From the Founding of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to the Assassination of Malcom X, Author: Robert Weisbrot
Title: Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years, Author: Sarah L. Delany
Title: American Mosaic: Multicultural Readings in Context / Edition 3, Author: Barbara Rico
Title: Montgomery Bus Boycott, December, 1955: American Blacks Demand an End to Segregation, Author: Janet Stevenson
Title: The Geography of Hope: Black Exodus from the South after Reconstruction, Author: Jim Haskins
Title: The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Author: Richard Conrad Stein
Title: Los Angeles Riots, Author: Sue Hamilton
Title: The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, Author: Richard Wormser
Title: Children of the Civil Rights Era, Author: Catherine A. Welch
Title: The Writings of W. E. B. Du Bois, Author: W. E. B. Du Bois
Title: Hate Groups, Author: Sharon Elaine Thompson
Title: Tales of Courage, Tales of Dreams: A Multicultural Reader, Author: PRENTICE HALL
Title: The Election of Barack Obama: Race and Politics in America, Author: Jason Porterfield

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