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Title: The Law of the Land: The Evolution of Our Legal System, Author: Charles Rembar Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Sir Edward Coke and the Elizabethan Age, Author: Allen D. Boyer
Title: Blackstone and his Commentaries: Biography, Law, History, Author: Wilfrid  Prest
Title: The Ludicrous Laws of Old London, Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Title: History of The Common Law: The Development of Anglo-American Legal Institutions, Author: John H. Langbein
Title: Origins of the Common Law / Edition 1, Author: Hogue
Title: A Sketch of English Legal History, Author: Frederick W. Maitland
Title: The Mysterious Science of the Law: An Essay on Blackstone's Commentaries / Edition 2, Author: Daniel J. Boorstin
Title: The Birth of the English Common Law / Edition 2, Author: R. C. van Caenegem
Title: The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I: In Two Volumes, Author: Frederick Pollock Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Domesday Book and the Law: Society and Legal Custom in Early Medieval England, Author: Robin Fleming
Title: Wild Romance: A Victorian Story of a Marriage, a Trial, and a Self-Made Woman, Author: Chloe Schama Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Legal History and Comparative Law: Essays in Honour of Albert Kiralfy, Author: Richard Plender
Title: An Ungovernable People: The English and their Law in the 17th and 18th Centuries, Author: John Brewer
Title: Justice, Lord Denning and the Constitution, Author: Peter Robson
Title: Roman and Civil Law and the Development of Anglo-American Jurisprudence in the Nineteenth Century, Author: M. Hoeflich
Title: Commentaries on the laws of England, in four books, Author: William Blackstone
Title: The Law in Shakespeare, Author: C. Jordan
Title: Mortmain Legislation and the English Church 1279-1500, Author: Sandra Raban
Title: Informal Marriage, Cohabitation and the Law 1750-1989, Author: Stephen Parker

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