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Title: Infidel, Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Title: Mussolini's Rome: Rebuilding the Eternal City, Author: B. Painter
Title: The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution, Author: Alex Storozynski
Title: Celebrated Crimes, Author: Alexandre Dumas
Title: The Borgias: The Hidden History, Author: G. J. Meyer
Title: The Borgias, Author: Alexandre Dumas
Title: The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe, Author: David I. Kertzer
Title: The Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: The Jewish State, Author: Theodor Herzl
Title: My Autobiography: With The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism, Author: Benito Mussolini
Title: Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Author: Alan Bullock
Title: Men of Order: Authoritarian Modernization Under Ataturk and Reza Shah, Author: Touraj Atabaki
Title: Julius Caesar and the Foundation of the Roman Imperial System, Author: W. Warde Fowler
Title: Polish Piano Music: Works by Paderewski, Scharwenka, Moszkowski and Szymanowski, Author: Ignace Jan Paderewski
Title: Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de' Medici, Author: Miles J. Unger
Title: Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me, Author: Geert Wilders
Title: Ataturk: The Biography of the founder of Modern Turkey, Author: Andrew Mango
Title: Mussolini: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: Havel: A Life, Author: Michael Zantovsky
Title: Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy, Author: Sarah Bradford

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