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Title: Istanbul and Beyond: Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey, Author: Robyn Eckhardt
Title: Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon, Author: Claudia Roden
Title: The Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook, Author: Ozcan Ozan
Title: Eat Istanbul: A Journey to the Heart of Turkish Cuisine, Author: Andy Harris
Title: Classical Turkish Cooking: Traditional Turkish Food for the American Kitchen, Author: Ayla E Algar
Title: A Taste of Turkish Cuisine, Author: Nur Ilkin
Title: Turkish Cooking: A Culinary Journey Through Turkey, Author: Carol Robertson
Title: Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Cooking, Author: Somer Sivrioglu
Title: Turkish Meze: The Little Dishes of the Eastern Mediterranean, Author: Ghillie Basan
Title: Complete Book of Turkish Cooking, Author: Algar
Title: Complete Book of Turkish Cooking, Author: Ayla Esen Esen Algar
Title: Classic Turkish Cooking, Author: Ghillie Basan
Title: The Turkish Dining Table: Recipes for Health and Happiness, Author: H. Vural
Title: Istanbul: Recipes from the heart of Turkey, Author: Rebecca Seal
Title: Mezze: Delicious Middle Eastern, Turkish and Greek Recipes, Author: Rosamond Man
Title: The Turkish Kitchen, Author: Ghillie Basan
Title: Eat Smart in Turkey: How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods and Embark on a Tasting Adventure, Author: Joan Peterson
Title: Cultures in Common: Recipes from the Cuisines of Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans, Author: Suzanne Rocca-Butler
Title: Mezze Modern: Delicious Appetizers from Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey, Author: Maria Khalife
Title: Turkish Cooking: Classic traditions, Fresh ingredients, Authentic flavours, Aromatic recipes, Author: Ghillie Basan

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