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Title: The Nineteenth-Century German Lied, Author: Lorraine Gorrell
Title: Mystical Love in the German Baroque: Theology, Poetry, Music, Author: Isabella van Elferen
Title: The Cambridge Companion to the Lied / Edition 1, Author: James Parsons
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Title: Bach's Feet: The Organ Pedals in European Culture, Author: David Yearsley
Title: Teach Me More... German W/Cassette: A Musical Journey Through the Year, Author: Judy Mahoney
Title: Musikwirtschaft und Neue Musik: Das unternehmerische Entscheidungsverhalten zwischen Aesthetik und Oekonomie, Author: Axel Sikorski
Title: Sonderstab Musik, Author: Willem de Vries
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Title: Zeitgenoessische Musik nach 1945 im Musikunterricht der Sekundarstufe I, Author: Edeltrud Ditter-Stolz
Title: Late-Medieval German Women's Poetry: Secular and Religious Songs, Author: Albrecht Classen
Title: The Lied: Mirror of Late Romanticism, Author: Edward F. Kravitt
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Title: Musical Careers in the Third Reich: Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich / Edition 1, Author: Michael Kater
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Title: Music as Propaganda in the German Reformation, Author: Rebecca Wagner Oettinger
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Title: A Jewish Orchestra in Nazi Germany: Musical Politics and the Berlin Jewish Culture League, Author: Lily E. Hirsch
Title: The Rhine As Musical Metaphor: Cultural Identity in German Romantic Music, Author: Cecelia Hopkins Porter
Title: Music in the Third Reich, Author: Erik Levi
Title: Lieder in Politik und Alltag des Nationalsozialismus, Author: Gottfried Niedhart
Title: German Songs: Popular, Political, Folk, and Religious, Author: Inke Pinkert-Saltzer
Title: Trial of Strength: Wilhelm Furtwangler in the Third Reich, Author: Fred K. Prieberg
Title: Driven into Paradise: The Musical Migration from Nazi Germany to the United States / Edition 1, Author: Reinhold Brinkmann
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Title: Favorite German Art Songs - Volume 1: The Vocal Library High Voice / Edition 1, Author: Hal Leonard Corp.

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