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Title: Big Ernie's New Home: A Story for Children Who Are Moving, Author: Teresa Martin
Title: New Kid, New Scene: A Guide to Moving and Switching Schools, Author: Debbie Glasser
Title: Good Answers to Tough Questions: Moving, Author: Joy Berry
Title: The Secret Combination to Middle School; Real Advice from Real Kids, Ideas for Success, and Much More!, Author: Marrae Kimball
Title: Mommy Wears A Uniform, Author: Shunsee Wilson
Title: Lives Turned Upside Down: Homeless Children in Their Own Words and Photographs, Author: Jim Hubbard
Title: Moving Book: A Kids' Survival Guide, Author: Gabriel Davis
Title: Moving House, Author: Anne Civardi
Title: The First Time At The Dentist, Author: Lucy Graham
Title: My Moving Activity Journal, Author: Nicole L.V. Jaeger
Title: The Teenager's Survival Guide to Moving, Author: Patricia Cooney Nida
Title: Moving, Author: Vic Parker
Title: Coping with Moving Away, Author: Charlotte Guillain
Title: What to Do When Your Family Loses Its Home, Author: Rachel Lynette
Title: I Wish I Could Tell You, Author: Bob Tryanski
Title: Billy Had To Move, Author: Theresa Ann Fraser
Title: Moving House, Author: Rebecca Hunter
Title: Homes on the Move, Author: Nicola Barber
Title: Moving, Author: Patricia J. Murphy
Title: Saying Good-Bye, Saying Hello...: When Your Family Is Moving, Author: Michaelene Mundy

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