Title: Runes of Issalia Bonus Box Set: The Complete Epic Fantasy Series, Author: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
#1 in Series
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Title: The Librarian of Crooked Lane, Author: C. J. Archer
#1 in Series
Title: Heir to the Crown Box Set 1: Books: 1, 2, & 2.5, Author: Paul J. Bennett
Title: The Apothecary's Poison, Author: C. J. Archer
#3 in Series
Title: The Kidnapper's Accomplice, Author: C. J. Archer
#10 in Series
Title: The Toymaker's Curse, Author: C. J. Archer
#11 in Series
Title: Inker and Crown, Author: Megan O'russell
Title: The Necromancer's Key: epic fantasy books 1-3, Author: Mitchell Hogan
Title: Ink Witch: An Egyptian Mythology Urban Fantasy, Author: Lindsey Sparks
Title: Queen of Egypt, Author: Kylie Quillinan
#1 in Series
Title: The Medici Manuscript, Author: C. J. Archer Pre-Order Now
Title: Brute of All Evil, Author: Devon Monk
#9 in Series
Title: Destroyer, Author: Meg Smitherman
Title: The King's Seal, Author: Amy Kuivalainen
#3 in Series
Title: A Dawn of Onyx, Author: Kate Golden Pre-Order Now
Title: Crawley Manor Haunting, Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
#5 in Series
Title: Knot of Shadows, Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
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Title: Gryphon Insurrection Boxed Set One: Eyrie, Ashen Weald, and Starling, Author: K. Vale Nagle
Title: Dream Walker, Author: Dima Zales
#1 in Series

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