Title: Little Pilgrim's Progress (Illustrated Edition): From John Bunyan's Classic, Author: Helen L. Taylor
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Title: Letters from Cuba, Author: Ruth Behar
Title: My Name is Bilal, Author: Asma Mobin-Uddin
Title: Is it Hanukkah Yet?, Author: Nancy Krulik
Title: Ganesha's Sweet Tooth, Author: Emily Haynes
Title: Fairytale Theology: A Poetry Devotional, Author: M. Colette
Title: The Unlocking: Eternal Tree Rising, Author: Julie Hojnacki
Title: Angel Food, Author: Diane Turner
Title: The Missing Menorah: a story for families who love the Messiah, Author: Janie-sue Wertheim
Title: Grandpa's Wings, Author: Shawntiki Polk
Title: Elsie Dinsmore, Author: Martha Finley
Title: Press Toward The Mark -- Jesus Christ!, Author: Linda Roller
Title: The Story of the Christmas Cow, Author: Ray Berilla
Title: The Taker Lady and The Giver Lady, Author: Renee Eller
Title: At the Welcome Tree, Author: D.B. (Dee) Shelnutt
Title: Ricky's Desert Adventure, Author: Dale P. Rhodes Sr.
Title: Baby Hippomus Hears the Christmas Story, Author: Abigail Puzzler
Title: Deputy (The Show-Offer Mysteries), Author: Ja'Naya Bromley
Title: The Sound Of Animals, Author: Mark A Mullens