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Title: Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation, Author: Mindy Johnson
Title: Masters of Light: Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers, Author: Dennis Schaefer
Title: Sound-On-Film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound / Edition 1, Author: Vincent LoBrutto
Title: Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood / Edition 1, Author: Cari Beauchamp
Title: Lion of Hollywood: The Life and Legend of Louis B. Mayer, Author: Scott Eyman
Title: Marc Davis: Walt Disney's Renaissance Man, Author: Disney Book Group
Title: Craft of the Screenwriter, Author: John Brady
Title: She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron, Author: Richard Cohen
Title: Adventures in the Screen Trade, Author: William Goldman
Title: The Moose That Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose, Author: Keith Scott
Title: Out of the Inkwell: Max Fleischer and the Animation Revolution, Author: Richard Fleischer
Title: Elmo Williams: A Hollywood Memoir, Author: Elmo Williams
Title: The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney, Author: Michael Barrier
Title: Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood's Greatest Costume Designer, Author: Jay Jorgensen
Title: Postcards from the Cinema, Author: Serge Daney
Title: Science Fiction Stars and Horror Heroes: Interviews with Actors, Directors, Producers and Writers of the 1940s through 1960s, Author: Tom Weaver
Title: Classic American Films: Conversations with the Screenwriters, Author: William Baer
Title: The Writers: A History of American Screenwriters and Their Guild, Author: Miranda J. Banks
Title: Masters of Animation, Author: John Grant
Title: Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark, Author: Brian Kellow

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