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Title: A Short Guide to Writing about Film / Edition 9, Author: Timothy Corrigan
Title: Film: A Critical Introduction / Edition 3, Author: Maria T. Pramaggiore
Title: Life Itself: A Memoir, Author: Roger Ebert
Title: Ebert's Bests, Author: Roger Ebert
Title: 5001 Nights at the Movies: A Guide from A to Z, Author: Pauline Kael
Title: The American Cinema: Directors and Directions, 1929-1968, Author: Andrew Sarris
Title: Women in Horror Films, 1940s, Author: Gregory William Mank
Title: Linear Systems and Signals / Edition 2, Author: B. P. Lathi
Title: Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies, Author: Owen Gleiberman
Title: The Films In My Life, Author: Francois Truffaut
Title: I Lost it at the Movies, Author: Pauline Kael
Title: Postcards from the Cinema, Author: Serge Daney
Title: Lessons For Dylan: On Life, Love, the Movies, and Me, Author: Joel Siegel
Title: The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler, Author: Ben Urwand
Title: The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Author: Barbara Creed
Title: Film Writing and Selected Journalism (Library of America), Author: James Agee
Title: Five Stars! How To Become A Film Critic, The World's Greatest Job, Author: Christopher Null
Title: A Short History of Cahiers du Cinema, Author: Emilie Bickerton
Title: Introducing Philosophy Through Film: Key Texts, Discussion, and Film Selections / Edition 1, Author: Richard Fumerton
Title: Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from

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