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Title: Coral Reef Fishes: Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Including the Red Sea - Revised Edition, Author: Ewald Lieske
Title: Reef Fish Identification Galapagos: Galapagos, Author: Ned Deloach
Title: Coral Reef Fishes: Dynamics and Diversity in a Complex Ecosystem / Edition 2, Author: Peter F. Sale
Title: Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Coral Reef Fishes, Author: Gerald Allen
Title: Biology of Damselfishes / Edition 1, Author: Bruno Frédérich
Title: Poseidon's Steed: The Story of Seahorses, From Myth to Reality, Author: Helen Scales Ph.D.
Title: Reef Fisheries, Author: Polunin Nicholas V.C.
Title: Notes from a (Sea)Dragon Writer: How Creative Science Writing may be the Solution to the Miscommunication between Scientists and the Public, Author: Kenna Castleberry