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Title: Textbook of Fish Health / Edition 2, Author: George Post
Title: Current Trends in the Study of Bacterial and Viral Fish and Shrimp Diseases, Author: Ka Yin Leung
Title: Systemic Pathology of Fish: A Text and Atlas of Comparative Tissue Responses in Diseases of Teleosts, Author: Hugh W. Ferguson
Title: Recent Advances in Marine Biotechnology: Immunobiology and Pathology, Author: Milton Fingerman
Title: Fish Diseases and Disorders / Edition 2, Author: Patrick T. K. Woo
Title: Pathology of Fishes, Author: William E. Ribelin
Title: Water Quality Criteria for Fresh Water Fish, Author: Richard Lloyd
Title: Nutrition And Fish Health / Edition 1, Author: Carl D Webster
Title: Fish and Shellfish Pathology, Author: Anthony E. Ellis
Title: Fish Biologics: Serodiagnostics and Vaccines, Author: W. Hennessen
Title: Manual of Ornamental Fish, Author: Ray L. Butcher
Title: Aquaculture for Veterinarians: Fish Husbandry and Medicine, Author: Lydia Brown
Title: Fish Medicine / Edition 1, Author: Michael K. Stoskopf
Title: Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment / Edition 1, Author: Edward J. Noga
Title: Microbial Diseases of Fish, Author: Ronald J. Roberts
Title: Fish Diseases: Third COPRAQ-Session, Author: W. Ahne
Title: Disease Diagnosis and Control in North-American Marine Aquaculture, Author: C.J. Sindermann
Title: Disease Diagnosis and Control in North American Marine Aquaculture, Author: Carl J. Sindermann
Title: Diseases and Disorders of Finfish in Cage Culture, Author: Patrick T. K. Woo
Title: Fish Disease Diagnosis & Treatment, Author: Taylor and Francis

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