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Title: Circulation in Fishes, Author: G. H. Satchell
Title: Fish Physiology, Author: William S. Hoar Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Principles of Electrolocation and Jamming Avoidance in Electric Fish: A Neuroethological Approach, Author: W. Heiligenberg
Title: Sound Reception in Fish, Author: A. Schuijf
Title: Fish Endocrinology (2 Vols.) / Edition 1, Author: M Reinecke
Title: Electrocommunication in Teleost Fishes: Behavior and Experiments, Author: Bernd Kramer
Title: Control Processes in Fish Physiology, Author: J.C. Rankin
Title: Fish Physiology: Recent Advances, Author: Stefan Nilsson
Title: Food Fishes, Author: R. Malcolm Love
Title: The Mechanosensory Lateral Line: Neurobiology and Evolution, Author: Sheryl Coombs
Title: Fish Chemosenses / Edition 1, Author: Klaus Reutter
Title: Epithelial transport in the lower vertebrates, Author: B. Lahlou
Title: The Physiology of Fishes, Author: David H. Evans
Title: Fish Feed Technology: Lectures Presented at the FAO-UNDP Training Course in Fish Feed Technology, Author: UNIPUB
Title: Fish Physiology, Author: William Stewart Hoar Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Biology of Invertebrate and Lower Vertebrate Collagens, Author: A. Bairati
Title: Cell and Molecular Biology of Fish Oogenesis, Author: Sardul S. Guraya
Title: Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals, Author: Lindsay G. Ross
Title: Fish Energetics: New Perspectives, Author: Peter Tytler
Title: Rhythms in Fishes, Author: M.A. Ali

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