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Title: The Aeneid: Translated by David Ferry, Author: Virgil
Title: The Odyssey (Fagles translation), Author: Homer
Title: Enraged: Why Violent Times Need Ancient Greek Myths, Author: Emily Katz Anhalt
Title: Metamorphoses, Author: Ovid
Title: Volume I, Heroides. Amores (Loeb Classical Library), Author: Ovid
Title: The Odyssey, Author: Homer
Title: Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield / Edition 2, Author: Hesiod
Title: The Aeneid, Author: Virgil
Title: Latin Via Ovid: A First Course / Edition 2, Author: Jacob E. Nyenhuis
Title: Odyssey, Author: Harold Bloom
Title: Authoress of the Odyssey, Author: Samuel Butler
Title: Nights Black Agents: Witches Wizards and the Dead in the Ancient World, Author: Daniel Ogden
Title: Love and Transformation: An Ovid Reader / Edition 2, Author: Addison Wesley
Title: Argonautica (Loeb Classical Library), Author: Apollonius Rhodius
Title: Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z, Author: Kathleen N. Daly
Title: Volume III: Metamorphoses, Volume I, Books 1-8 (Loeb Classical Library), Author: Ovid
Title: The Metamorphoses of Ovid / Edition 1, Author: Ovid
Title: Dionysos, Author: Richard Seaford
Title: Greek Mythology: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Fritz Graf
Title: The Iliad (Merrill translation), Author: Homer

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